1. Why did you have to go. Start again. I wish I could read some more. Good bye big guy.

  2. I think I’ve seen every post at least three times now. I miss the feeling of this blog.

  3. I just remembered about this blog and then I realized that I miss it very much. :[

  4. Still hoping

  5. Still got my fingers crossed.

  6. It’s been over a year now and I’m still in mourning. I come back to this page with hope in my heart that maybe you will pick it back up as long as the url still works… but you never update. I just wanted to tell you I miss you.

  7. Well, thought it’d be worth a try returning here. I’ll maybe check again next year. I really do miss this site…

  8. I miss this blog… I’ve been looking for new music and I can’t find a good source anymore. Really miss the posts, and hope that someday you decide to start again. It’s been almost a year too :C

  9. I miss this blog… I still visit it quiet often even though I know I won’t find anything new. Please come back.

  10. Ah! Please start blogging again, whether here or somewhere else!

  11. I miss this blog and the memories with it.

  12. Does anyone know of any blogs similar to this one? If so, please do tell!

  13. You should not be allowed to leave! Come back here…now, I say…it’s been fun, I pray this blog stays up for a while longer..

  14. If you ever return, you will make many people very happy.

    Including me. :)

  15. Still hoping that one day you will start posting here again! :-)

  16. This has been my fav blog for the past 2 years. It taught me a lot of things about life, love, friendship, art. Please don’t close it, leave it here for us to remember those amazing days we spent enjoying and reading it. Please post again when you have time. It would be a pity not to.

    I will be proud to still be its reader! lots of love, Andreea

  17. I know it’s been almost five months since you stopped posting, but I still check it daily hoping that I’ll find something new.

  18. Wow_this is truly amazing.

  19. I’d love to read a new post (:

    Good luck!

  20. I miss this blog tremendously as well…i visited it daily. Bring it back! :P

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