1. Please don’t leave forever…i know this site is registered until 5\31\2020. so many love this site and will continue with a growing audience…

  2. It’s amazing. Almost 6 years of my life have gone by since the “Adieu” post. I’ve come back every year or two to see if anything new has sneaked its way in, only to have to settle for the amazing content that’s always been here. My life has changed so much in those six years.

    I’ve come to know joy in the birth of my daughter, and loss in the death of a father figure. I’ve come to know immense stress and frustration, and being overwhelmed like I never had been before. But I’ve also come to know great friends, new challenges at work, and to develop a plan/goals for my life. This site has also introduced me to some great music, which has helped make the bad times–and the good times, too!–better.

    Thanks, Basheer.


  3. I love this blog post. It has helped me grow in life and love. And I still come back years later when I need guidance. Thank you for keeping this page here. It is perfectly cultivated.

  4. God, I still come back to this blog. It helped me get through some of my toughest times. Such a good reminder to be slow, to be patient, to let go of anger an to embrace the stillest emotions fully. Thank you for keeping it up. Please don’t ever take it down.

  5. Still miss this site. I keep coming back to remind myself of old artists! Thanks for existing

  6. I hate shopping

  7. I remember reading the Adieu post that day in December all those years ago. I remember all the terrible things going on in my life at the time, and the sadness that came with them. I remember the comfort I received in knowing that this place was here, and that there were people out in the world who could relate to me. My life was so sad, and losing fresh content from Basheer was a terrible experience, but I learned something from his posts: life goes on–if you give it some time.

    I’m married now, with my first kid on the way. I’m about to get my college degree, get my “career” started, and get on with my life. Things have turned around, as they always do.

    I still get sad sometimes, for sure. But when I do, I remember those times years ago, and I remember this site, and I come back. Nothing’s been posted in years, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything new for me to find.

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who’s been commenting on the site: it’s nice to know that there are other people out there who can share in my secret sadness.

  8. I miss you

  9. Every once in awhile my memory (or Stumbleupon) brings me back, and I miss this.

  10. Still come back and check the site every now and then. Can’t forget a great thing.

  11. So I do a search ” sitting still but wanting to scream” I end up here. My wild ride was 30 days and crashed and burned. I never looked forward to a tomorrow as bad as I did then. six 36 hr plus days because I didnt want to miss anything. 7 months later the holes still there. Know how u feel

  12. Still coming back – I know I’ll never see a new post, but reading and listening to the things on this blog bring me back to a good (stranger) time. Thanks again for the inspiration, my gratitude is immeasurable. I aspire to one day have my own haven like this, and hope that this website stays as it is!

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