1. To start of the new year the two online communities that I have become are a part of are closing this and the post secret app. Both of these communities have changed me and made me a better person. I’ve learned that there are still wonderful and inspiring people in the world! It was great to be apart of this while I had the chance. Thank you to the creators, followers, and posters, I wouldn’t have made it this far without you. Cheers to start off a year with a big change!

  2. Extremely upset to see the blog is closed. can we have it back pleasseeee?

  3. bye!

  4. Это мне не подходит. Есть другие варианты?

  5. Nooo!! I am so sad this blog is ending. THANK YOU for all the inspirational posts! Time to go back and review all the ones I missed in the beginning.

  6. Au revoir et bonne chance! Espérons tous vos soirs et matins sont réunies bien reposé !

  7. I can’t believe this blog is ending, surprise us every now and then! Hope you do big things!

  8. I´ll miss this blog. It was the last one I visited on my daily list of cool sites in the vast internet, I came to feed myself of inspiring and beautiful things. A week ago I read it would be over but I keep coming hoping to see a new post. Change is good and I wish you the best! A warm thanks from sunny México.

  9. Много наподбирали,спс.

  10. even though i know it is over, i still check this blog multiple times a day juuuust hoping that i read it wrong.

    but i say a sincere thank you and wish you well. life is about making an impact in any way and you sure did that. now go make another impact on this earth. i will be rooting for you.

  11. Heartbroken, i go on this website more than facebook, stumble upon, and twitter combined. Please come back again, i truly loved this blog. xoxo

  12. why… why… and also… why? :(

  13. A part of me just died reading that you’re ending the blog… But I have to thank you for all the smiles you’ve brought to me, all the incredible music, and all of the inspiring quotes and photos. This blog has honestly made up a part of my life for the past year and a half. So thank you for all those posts! And good luck to you in whatever you may do!!

  14. Life. Thank you for a beautiful dose of happiness every once and awhile!

  15. Thank you for the dose of new and interesting that your blog provided. We all gotta move on sometimes, so I hope that everything goes well for you. Thanks for everything again. Good luck

  16. I’m not an avid reader. But if there was one thing I was regularly following both as a material and for life, it was your blog. Feel so sad to see you go. :( Hoping for your return.

  17. NOOOOO :(

  18. Your blog helped pick me up and carry me through a tough time in my life. Thank you for that. I’m terribly sorry to see you go.

    May your way be smooth and the wind be in your sails.

  19. Extremely sad to hear the news of no more updates. I used to check this site daily and so many times it’s the only thing that kept my day moving forward. I will surely miss the updates, but never forget all the greatness I found here.

  20. I’m so sad that this won’t be updated anymore. This blog has been my home page for so long. Thanks so much for everything xoxo

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