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9:40am | Sep 29th, 2011

Blast is a laboratory of ideas, where every topic is bound to develop new languages, different shapes and innovative solutions.

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Founded by Luca Bombassei and Simona Traversa in Milan in 2001, Blast Architects i san architectural design firm which covers various typologies and scales. Within a methodology observing the criteria of sustainable architecture, it designs projects in the fields of urban planning, production, service industries, hospitality, residence, exhibition mounting, design and coordinated image. The aim is to integrate architectural quality, environmental and energy sustainability and a positive social impact, with an accurate evaluation and control of the economic factors of each project. From 2001 it has been coordinating the design of the Technology and Science Park “Kilometro Rosso” in Bergamo, where it has completed the interiors of the R&D Centre of Brembo and has designed the buildings in “A” class for the Centro delle Professioni and for the University of Bergamo. The most recent projects include: E-motion Park, an innovative commercial format dedicated to the world of the automotive, the flagship stores in Europe and Brazil for Skitsch, a new brand of sustainable design, and Baby Caring, entertainment and play centres for parents and children. H3 hotel is a new kind of hotel designed by Blast Architects that proposes a new model of hospitality capable of combining comfort, economy and energy savings, based on the use of an industrialised construction process.

Blast Architects

Blast Architects believes in an integrated approach to the project and builds its team in order to meet the requirements of the client in an efficient and accurate way. From the designing of the concept, to the development of the various project phases, to the realization of the architectural work, the firm can count on talented professionals with suitable attitudes and specializations. Organised on an entrepreneurial logic, it is based on the cooperation of architects, landscape designers, interior decorators, product and graphic designers, who, well-coordinated, come up with innovative and original solutions able to respond to the demands of every theme and planning scale. Blast Architects also gives great importance to communication and each work phase is supported by the elaboration of visual instruments such as rendering, 3D animation and video capable of describing the specifications of the project to everyone.

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