Most people, when they go…

8:04am | Aug 6th, 2011

“Most people, when they go to college, they’re generally under the impression that there’s about thirteen jobs in the world. That’s all the jobs that exist; you have thirteen choices for what you want to do for the rest of your life. Oh and by the way you have to decide that now. As a college sophomore. Because there’s no changing later. Whatever it is you pick, that is going to be your job. Forever. You can’t change it. Whenever you walk into a job, even twenty years later, you’re going to have to show them your degree, and say ‘This is my major. This is what I have to do.’. Oh and by the way, once you have that degree, you’re entitled to that job forever. That’s it. As soon as you’re handed that degree, a big crowd of employers are going to run up to you at graduation and hand you a bunch of proposals and job offers and you get to pick the best one. Anywhere you want to live, with enough money to buy a house.” ~Marco Arment

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