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8:01am | Mar 3rd, 2011

Hey guys! Just letting you know that there’s a fun little contest going on the blog here until 11:59PM MARCH 30.

Shirt Mockup

Woah! A Contest? What can I win?
Your choice of any item in the shop

How can I enter?
Send in your most awesome picture of you wearing a Goodmorning & Goodnight shirt!

Where do I send the picture to?

Put “Shirt Contest Submission” in the subject line

What if I don’t have a shirt?
There’s plenty girls’ sizes in the shop. For guys, we’re out, but that just means people bought all of them :) Anyways, as a backup plan for those of you who can’t get your hands on a shirt, try sending in a picture Goodmorning & Goodnight related and it could qualify if it’s sweet enough.

Anyway, so here’s a quick review.

11:59PM MARCH 30

Awesome Shirt Picture Contest

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