Goodmorning & Goodnight Shirts

11:10pm | Nov 14th, 2010


So yes. Finally. It’s what so many of you have been asking for and well, it’s almost here. Goodmorning & Goodnight shirts! They’re going to be two-color screenprinted on (my favorite) type of shirt: Tri-Coffee color American Apparel Short Sleeve Tri-Blend. This means that they’re going to be ultra-deluxe soft :) Pricing is still in the works but with shipping and everything else included, I’m seeing a total of $25 per shirt. I could have had these made sooner and I could have used something other than this type of shirt, but I hope you guys will appreciate something of higher quality for a few more bucks than to get a crappy shirt you won’t wear.

So. All that said, if you’re interested and would like to be the one of the first to find out (and possibly get a small early-bird discount), then fill out the form with your email/gender/size! It’ll help me tons when I’m ordering all the stock. :D

P.S. I’ll be working on the design a bit more and they’ll probably end up looking cooler when they’re finalized.

[EDIT]: They’re here!

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