Cantilevered Ultramodern Home

1:36am | Nov 4th, 2010

Cantilever Night Home Photo

As massive and looming as it may be, this set of stacked boxes is a home with a huge emphasis on tiny details. Strategic material choices, structural supports and fine-grained textures bring it back down to human scale, making it livable despite its lofty overarching appearance.

Cantilever Modernist Stack House

Weathered wooden slats have the same monolithic effect as board-formed concrete, giving the horizontal top-story box a vertical emphasis through thin seams and wood grain and reinforced by a mixed pattern of slotted window slices. Lighter knotted-wood accent shutters at the end of the element also serve to soften its dominating look as it hovers over the landscape.

Cantilever Living Dining Rooms

Created by Colboc Franzen for a semi-rural plot in France, this three-volume design is all about transitions too. The first floor, tucked halfway into the ground itself, features an entryway, office, and service spaces (garage, basement and laundry room).

-Via Dornob

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