Rough Door DeConstruction

4:57pm | Sep 30th, 2009

Roughdoordeconstruction 1

When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar … or perhaps when it is shattered like glass. This piece is all the more surreal for being situated in a minimalist modern white room in what could well be the interior of a conventional contemporary house. Though artists might recognize this unusual frame job as artwork, this is doubtless not what carpenters mean when they refer to rough framing a wooden door.

Roughdoordeconstruction 2

Puns and plays on words aside (or perhaps inside), artist Leandro Elrich has quite an elegant way of shattering our expectations (so to speak) in works like this one, where the properties of one material are experimentally applied to a familiar object made from another substance. The last thing a viewer expects is for an almost boringly ordinary door to crack and crumble like a sheet of glass.

Roughdoordeconstruction 3

Knobs away! What appears to be a large door knob rests on the floor in front of the broken shards (still sitting loosely in their frame). Other works by Elrich likewise take typical settings, household furnishings and home fixtures like windows, ladders and curtains and add twists that turn these common situations and objects into visually and conceptually challenging works of art.

-Via Dornob

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