Watercolors of Impossible Architecture

Nov 15th, 2011

Watercolor Flying Building Ship

Mattias Adolfsson animates buildings in amazing ways with the stroke of a pen, first drafted in pencil, followed by splashes of mellow color that slowly bring them to life.

Watercolor Building Monster Designs

Watercolored Architecture Train Tower

-Via Dornob

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Generation Lighting

Nov 14th, 2011

Generation Lighting’s residential lamps combine cutting edge technology with an alluring contemporary simplicity. Each fixture is illuminated by a single bulb in the base whose light is reflected and refracted along the length of a clear tube. A subtly patterned film lines the tube, enabling an even distribution of light that is warm, modern, and sure to complement any room. This innovative lamp film technology diffuses the light from the base across the entire fixture in an efficient, attractive manner.

Panorama 3sizes

Ellipse Black and White

-Via Generationlighting

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Walnut Lamp

Nov 14th, 2011

Solid Walnut Table Lamp can Stand on one leg Rook by Bludot 5

Chunky and extremely hot, Rook by BluDot is a solid walnut table lamp built on a very husky walnut base, offering a playful contrast and adding pizzazz to its straightforward yet inviting design. BluDot has always managed to stand out for its sense of humor and laid-back attitude and Rook is fully committed to this as it prefers to sit on just one leg, instead of sitting on all 3. A great decorative and functional touch to any room, Rook table lamp achieves a definite and genuine flair despite its quite minimalist appearance. We couldn’t stand a chance against this deliciously seductive lamp, short in stature yet long in charm.

Solid Walnut Table Lamp can Stand on one leg Rook by Bludot 1

Solid Walnut Table Lamp can Stand on one leg Rook by Bludot 3

-Via Micasaessucasa

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Mr Mellow

Nov 13th, 2011

Sarah Boettger mr Mellow 3

Sarah Boettger mr Mellow 1

Sarah Boettger mr Mellow 2

-Via Swiss-miss

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Air Quote Mittens

Nov 13th, 2011


Made me smile.

-Via Swiss-miss

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Help Remedies

Nov 12th, 2011

10 25 11 Help 3

Founded in 2008, Help Remedies disrupted the staid and samey look of the existing pharma category with a bold but simple range of products titled after the symptom it is meant to solve (e.g) Help I have a headache.

Help is taking the pharma world by storm again with its new Take Less campaign. In a category that traditionally pushes more, extra, bigger, faster, the new Help Remedies campaign is pushing forward with a bold and unique message that less is sometimes more – less drugs, less dyes, less coatings.

10 25 11 Help 2

-Via Thedieline

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Manoteca Found Object Furniture

Nov 12th, 2011

0manoteca 01

Manoteca is a line of one-off furniture from a Bologna, Italy-based designer known only as Elisa. Her collection of repurposed found objects, left in their original conditions as closely as possible, is both artful and sturdy-looking.

0manoteca 02

Indoor is made from exterior doors. In the closed position it’s a dining table for eight; with one side open it provides storage for a temporary office desk.

-Via Core77

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Nicole + Ryan

Nov 11th, 2011


Jpeg 1

Jpeg 2

-Via Maxwangerblog

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Nov 11th, 2011

Markus Bangerter Bandstuhl 1

These straps are melted in form with intensive heat. This allows the swiss designer Markus Bangerter to create such light but very powerful structures like in this gorgeous chair.

Markus Bangerter Bandstuhl 2

Markus Bangerter Bandstuhl 3

-Via Notcot

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Volcano Smell

Nov 10th, 2011

01 1 538x 538

Point-And-shoot challenge, Benoit Paillé tryed to do something interesting with cheap and low quality camera, more close to the illustration than photography.

01 4 538x 538

01 7 538x 538

-Via Defringe

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