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Sydney + Vancouver + LA

Sep 19th, 2011

-Via Iso50 Blog

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Vic & Sean

Sep 18th, 2011

Vic & Sean

-Via Ohmyleftovers

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Tape Generations

Sep 18th, 2011

-Via Devour

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Lego Wallets

Sep 18th, 2011

Lego Wallets 1

UK label Color By Numbers designed these amusing LEGO-inspired wallets that bring back fond memories of my childhood. The base plate allows the owner to customize their wallet with a selection of bricks they receive with it or just leave it blank. Each wallet is handmade to order and supply is limited.

Lego Wallets 2

Lego Wallets 3

-Via Design-milk

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Lake Tahoe

Sep 18th, 2011


Jpeg 1

Jpeg 2

-Via Mike Matas’ Facebook

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Double Happiness by Didier Faustino

Sep 18th, 2011

Double Happiness by Architect Didier Faustino

Architect Didier Faustino created this epic swing set out of a converted advertising billboard for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Biennial of Urbanism and Architecture. Double Happiness responds to the society of materialism where individual desires seem to be prevailing over all. This nomad piece of urban furniture allows the reactivation of different public spaces and enables inhabitants to reappropriate fragments of their city. They will both escape and dominate public space through a game of equilibrium and desequilibrium. By playing this “risky” game, and testing their own limits, two persons can experience together a new perception of space and recover an awareness of the physical world

-Via Notcot

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Sep 17th, 2011

She wants a house full of cups and the ghosts

of last century’s lesbians; I want a spotless

apartment, a fast computer. She wants a woodstove,

three cords of ash, an axe; I want

a clean gas flame. She wants a row of jars:

oats, coriander, thick green oil;

I want nothing to store. She wants pomanders,

linens, baby quilts, scrapbooks. She wants Wellesley

reunions. I want gleaming floorboards, the river’s

reflection. She wants shrimp and sweat and salt;

she wants chocolate. I want a raku bowl,

steam rising from rice. She wants goats,

chickens, children. Feeding and weeping. I want

wind from the river freshening cleared rooms.

She wants birthdays, theaters, flags, peonies.

I want words like lasers. She wants a mother’s

tenderness. Touch ancient as the river.

I want a woman’s wit swift as a fox.

She’s in her city, meeting

her deadline; I’m in my mill village out late

with the dog, listening to the pinging wind bells, thinking

of the twelve years of wanting, apart and together.

We’ve kissed all weekend; we want

to drive the hundred miles and try it again.

~by Joan Larkin

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Sep 17th, 2011


-Via Ohmyleftovers

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Les Sans Culottes – Allo Allo

Sep 17th, 2011

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*Don Draper*: Stop talking and…

Sep 17th, 2011

Don Draper: Stop talking and make something of yourself.
Roy: Like you? You make the lie. You invent want. You’re for them… not us.
Don Draper: Well, I hate to break it to you, but there is no big lie. There is no system. The universe is indifferent.” ~Mad Men

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