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A Container Gardening Kit

8:00am | Nov 2nd, 2011

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8 is a container gardening kit that unites the social elements of food, ethical and moral issues about food production, and contemporary technology.


The design focuses on the autumnal, cozy, and nostalgic feelings we get when we reflect upon food, combined with a contemporary sensibility.


8 takes a holistic approach to container gardening. 8 growers receive all the tools and resources—both modern and rustic—that they need to be successful gardeners. Along with gardening supplies, the kit contains an iPhone app, cookbook, dinner invitations, and and access to an exclusive social networking site. By shifting container gardening from a hobby to a lifestyle, 8 makes gardening a celebration of friends, family, and nature.

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8, drink, and be merry.

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-Via Jderksen

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