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The Brain as City

8:02am | Sep 28th, 2011


Yesterday we took a look at Michael Hansmeyer’s 16-million-faceted plastic columns, the material products of an inconceivably complex algorithm. Meanwhile, artist Yaron Steinburg has dared to construct something that is perhaps even more multifaceted: his own brain. In a quirky “Being John Malkovich”-esque installation, Steinburg invites viewers to and grasp the immensely complex organ that is the source of his thoughts, fears and dreams.

Yaron Steinberg Brain 3

Steinburg’s installation portrays the brain as if it were a city. The artist presents us with a hovering elliptical form, crammed with tiny cardboard houses in a seemingly random arrangement, tightly packed with almost no room to breathe. Meanwhile, a rickety toy train on an elevated track encircles the cavernous space while lights glow on and off, assuring us that this miniature metropolis is very much alive.

-Via Notcot

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