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Roof Garden Apartment by Tonkin Liu

8:00am | Aug 9th, 2011

Tonkinliu Growinghouse 15 Miketonkin

On top of a warehouse in Shoreditch an empty roof overlooked the city. The brief was for a six-bedroom family house with outdoor spaces that maximised the potentials of the site. The owners wanted a place for the family to grow that would bring life and greenery to the Shoreditch cityscape. The existing brick warehouse structure was damaged and rebuilt after the war. The central columns were not adequate to take any additional loads. The load of the new building had to be delivered to the perimeter walls. From a ring beam at roof level the structure grows up to forms a transfer structure at high level from which the new building is hung. On the gable and party walls and within the floor slabs the frame is braced within the timber substructure. To the south and west a 7m tall loggia is formed by the external structure, framing the view of the city.

Tonkinliu Growinghouse 17 Miketonkin

Tonkinliu Growinghouse 16 Miketonkin

-Via Dailytonic

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