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Any experience in love is…

4:24am | Jul 26th, 2011

“Any experience in love is a good one. It doesn’t matter if it works out, or if you were 12 or 18 or 30 or 60, what matters is that it happened. Each time you experience something like it, even if it isn’t love, but just dating – it is experience that will help you for the time you truly do fall in love. If you spend your high school days randomly dating guys, more power to you, when the guy you love comes along and you want him – you’ll know how to get his attention and how to fall in love safely. It sucks falling in love with someone and not knowing what to do about it. And even if you fall in love like I have and are hurt afterwards, just remember the good parts – I know that there are alot of sad bits, and that they will remain with me for a long time, but I know that the happy parts will last longer, and that I can live my life knowing that I have those happy parts still at rest in my heart.” ~Mr. Fox

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