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Bota Bota

8:00am | Jun 26th, 2011

Recycle to reinvent; the motto of Bota Bota, the project where a 57-year-old ferryboat was transformed into a floating Scandinavian spa by Sid Lee Architects, right in the heart of Montreal’s Old Port. Bota Bota is the new name given to the ferryboat that used to link two cities in Quebec in the 1950s, built in 1951 and measuring 170 feet and 600 tons, the Arthur Cardin plied the waters between these two cities for ten years.

Bota Bota 02 538x 358

Bota Bota 06 538x 269

Bota Bota 07 538x 358

Bota Bota 10 538x 385

Bota Bota 11 538x 807

Bota Bota 12 538x 403

Bota Bota 15 538x 269

-Via Defringe

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