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Bridged Condo Spans 2 Rooftops

8:00am | Jun 14th, 2011

Rooftop Condo Picture two

You know you are having a ‘first world problem’ when one fully-story luxury penthouse is just not enough. Sporting over eight thousand square feet of space, calling this bridge-connected glass living complex glamorous would be an epic understatement.

Rooftop Condo Glass Exterior

Rooftop Condo Living Room

High-up as well as high-end, much of their marvel-worthy architecture is tucked inside, or set atop the open-air, green rooftop decks – even the glass bridge (dazzling up close) looks somewhat understated from below.

Rooftop Creative Bedroom Decor

From within, a repetitive series of punched-steel beams curve up to support the exterior window system, providing copious amounts of daylight while establishing architectural rhythms throughout the home.

Rooftop Bridge Architectural Details

Each unit could ultimately be individually owned, given the plethora of bathrooms, bedrooms and living spaces set on either side, but splitting up such a wonderful complex would be a shame, too.

-Via Dornob

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