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8:04am | May 3rd, 2011

Hello friends! Here’s my final project for my industrial design studio this semester, and it’s mainly what caused the two-week gap in postings recently.


Mk 8612

It’s an electronic kitchen timer made from scratch. You start twisting it and the clear part glows white and the led display under the thin wood veneer in the center starts displaying the current number/time. Click the entire top portion to start timing and the color shifts to green. Then, as time goes on, it turns red until time runs out and it beeps and shuts off.

Oh! And I decided to do some super homey looking packaging because I felt that when you go so minimalist, it’s easy to lose those roots and the packaging is an attempt to keep it looking personable. It’s made from a bunch of shims from Home Depot glued together, cut, sanded, glued laterally, and then staple gunned.


Final 1

The clear piece on top is two clear 1/2in acrylic pieces cnc’ed and then bonded together, while the bottom half is two hollow walnut wood cylinders that spin within each other and house the electronics.

Final 2

Since this was a one-man operation, I had the joy of having to design, construct, and program the entire thing from the acrylic to the wood to the custom circuit board to the programming of the Arduino itself that serves as the electronic heart.

Mk 8526

Mk 8643

I didn’t get a chance to fully complete the project to it’s functional stage due to deadlines and the fact that none of the actual functionality was required of me for my project (I went just a smidge overboard), but here are two pictures showing early pieces of prototyping that explain how the lights looked.

Mk 8241

Mk 8638

Soon, I hope to create a new, completely functioning model and hopefully put this up on Kickstarter to possibly get it up and running in real production! :)

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