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Ratchet-Strap Wood Furniture Series

8:02am | Mar 25th, 2011

Strap Wooden Composite Chair

You can feel the weight of what you are doing, when you pull and push on a cargo strap, tying a travel trunk to the roof of your car or pinning furniture in the back of a flatbed truck. It almost seems like the objects are just waiting to break free of whatever winch system you are using.

Strapped in Table Design

That same visceral sensation remains in these tensioned chairs and tables from FOBricated, a fabrication and design studio outside of Los Angeles, visible in the curved seats and surfaces as trapped potential energy.

Strap Ratchet Tension Furniture

Natural-toned, composite-wood boards make for a light-looking but still-artificial contrast material, set against the matte-black ratchet straps that hold them together. In turn, these tie-downs recall industrial uses, and the forever-kinetic connotations of moving-day trailers.

-Via Dornob

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