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Inspiring Dot-Com Offices

8:04am | Feb 17th, 2011

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I bet if you closed your eyes and pictured what the Wikileaks offices would look like, it would come pretty close to the real thing. That’s because it is housed inside no other than a defunct war bunker located 100 feet underground! This is also where they keep some of those precious servers that contain their damning data leaks. Eat your heart out, Batman.

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This office space is a beautiful hodgepodge of furniture and décor — the perfect illustration of their own website. It all blends very nicely with the raw loft space. The large windows make the rooms feel lively while the open floor plans seem to be a common theme we continue to see in new offices which encourage collaboration and dialogue between workers.

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Situated in sunny San Francisco, this vibrant space is really the antithesis of a traditional work environment. We love the stickers/posters that adorn the walls as well as the awesome “bike lobby”. This is another space that feels much more like a home than a stingy office.

-Via Unplggd

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