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Edison Alarm Clock

8:02am | Feb 4th, 2011

David Krawczyk Edisonalarmclock 5 2

If you fancy a bit of flotspotting today, we’d have to recommend the truly marvellous “Edison Alarm Clock” by Pratt design graduate David Krawczyk.

According to his presentation sheets, David’s convincingly 19th-century alarm clock keeps time with a “controlled electrical current,” the alarm is set by inserting the miniature bulbs into the desired slots.

Although the alarm clock is more than likely only a charming concept, David can be safe in the knowledge that he’d have at least one sure customer should his Edison-inspired piece ever make it into production.

David Krawczyk Edisonalarmclock 3

David Krawczyk Edisonalarmclock

-Via Core77

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