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11:02pm | Dec 8th, 2010

Hey everyone. I’m so sorry for the lack of posts for the past full week. I was in complete work coma mode getting my final sophomore studio project done for university. I was busy making this 6′ lamp from scratch:

Img 7605 c

Img 7628 c

Img 7632 c

It’s called “Breathe” because the base at the bottom has an led on the inside that pulses at the rate a normal human breathes while asleep so that when the lights are off, and you’re in the dark, you can see the huge foot pedal (the majority of the base) to turn on the “sleeping” lamp.

Anyways, turns out using copper, steel, and maple wood to entirely build a lamp from their semi-raw form takes way longer than expected and I’m now officially returning back to the regular posting schedule.

Thanks! :)

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