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A Few Updates

7:51pm | Jul 4th, 2010

Ciao! Just dropping a line to let you all know of a few things that have changed around here; hopefully, it’s for the better. Let’s start with the most noticeable:

  • I’ve added two spots for ads up on the top right. Don’t worry, I have to personally approve what gets put there and I will ensure that it remains tasteful.
  • I’ve made the separate categories page now a part of the top navigation to make it a lot easier to jump between them and make it more noticeable.
  • As per much user request, starting on page two, you’ll see a link that takes you back to the beginning of the blog (the first post) for those of you who have the patience and interest to sift through all (currently) 186 pages.
  • I’ve also added iTunes and Amazon links to each and every song posted here on the blog that’s also available from those sites to make it easier for you to grab a copy for yourself.
  • Lastly, I’ll be adding a little shop with a few goodies and probably a Goodmorning & Goodnight shirt. It’s mainly for my sake because I think it’ll be ridiculously cool to own that stuff but I’m also curious to see if any of you would like them to. At any rate, stay tuned for that; that’s why there’s a “Goodies” link up at the top.

Thanks to all of you for the support, submissions, great comments, and awesome fan mail. It really does make my day that much better!

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