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Happy Birthday!

2:01am | Jun 2nd, 2010


Yesterday, June 1st, marks the first anniversary of this blog! I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I’ve started this thing and I’m so happy at how it’s grown and developed it’s own tone and voice.

I’m so grateful for all of you my readers and thank you for all your kind messages, submissions, suggestions, and your time.


It blows my mind how large both those numbers are, especially the first one. I can personally thank both the awesome link on the sidebar of Bobby Solomon’s blog, Kitsune Noir and especially (and more recently), StumbleUpon, which discovered my site about three months ago sending about 300 hits a day my way until just this past month where everything started to explode like wildfire. Now, when I say “explode”, I mean it. Just in this past month alone thanks to StumbleUpon, I received 530,000 hits.

Again, thanks! and I look forward to another year :)

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