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Slides that Beat Taking the Stairs Down

8:51am | Jan 23rd, 2010

Stair Slide for Kids

Who says you have to be a kid to enjoy a good indoor slide now and again? London architect Alex Michaelis has constructed a slide side-by-side with his dream-home staircase – though in this case it clearly is for the kids to enjoy more than for the adults, and the synthetic material is less prone to be a pain in your, well, you know.

Stairs Slide

It seems as if this designer managed to fuse the fun and functional aspects of both of the previous examples, constructing a more simplified and child-sized wooden slide – a toned-down variation on the eccentric entrepreneur’s one featured first, or a souped-up spiral variant of the straight-and-narrow one pictured second.

Stair Slide Office Combination

However, who would expect to find not only a bright orange slide by a fireman’s pole smack dab in the middle of an otherwise austere Toronto office building lobby by Johnson Chou? Yes, workers on their way out can exit by these or the more boring staircase if they wish.

-Via Dornob

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